Objective of the Establishment
 The aging society is exerting financial pressure on healthcare forcing a review of the entire concept from its very foundation. The government has taken various measures, such as separating medicine and pharmaceuticals, and reducing the cost of synthetic drugs in an effort to rein in the cost of medical care. Despite such efforts, benefits to the public have not followed. Indeed, medical costs have continued to escalate, and the number of medications with strong side effects is on the increase.
Scale of Facility and Transportation Access
  1. Location and Access
    Location : 1730-2 Otsu, Tano-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki
    Railroad : JR Kyushu Nippo Line Tano Station
    Expressway : Miyazaki Expressway Tano IC
    National Route : National Route 269
    Airport : 20-minute by car from Miyazaki Airport, or railway service
  2. Scale :
    Site area / Approx. 66,000㎡
    Building area / Approx. 20,000㎡
  3. Housing : one-storey individual housing
  4. Joint use structures : Steel-reinforced 2-storey building (Approx. 10,000㎡)

Main Office

1730-2, Tanochootsu, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 889-1702
TEL: +81-985-86-2000 FAX: +81-985-86-2525
E-mail: info@pmpf.or.jp